ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow Integration

The industry-leading partnership between Sumo Logic and ServiceNow enables organizations to radically simplify and optimize the event detection and management process.

IT organizations in every industry face the fundamental challenge of supporting business productivity goals by keeping internal and external facing infrastructure systems operational. Many organizations deploy ad-hoc processes to remediate issues and threats when they arise, leading to delayed resolution and increased business costs.

Proactively identifying significant events and potential threats hidden in your log files in real-time is the foundation of effective remediation. Disjointed event detection and service management platforms, however effective they may be independently, inevitably lead to delayed resolution and impact service level agreements (SLAs), customer satisfaction and even revenues.

The cloud-to-cloud integration between Sumo Logic and ServiceNow helps IT teams overcome these challenges by delivering a real-time, closed-loop event management solution with the ability to capture knowledge for future reference. The two cloud-based services complement one another and deliver tremendous value to IT, security and service management teams:

  • Apply consistent and optimized service management processes by streamlining event detection and incident management workflow
  • Proactively monitor all business services and infrastructures in real-time for anomalous and known events
  • Unique bi-directional workflow automatically assigns events as incidents to appropriate teams with the ability to incorporate additional event information for rapid resolution
  • Use annotation capability and contextual information in Sumo Logic to express future event detection and response time
  • Streamline all change management, improve security posture, meet SLA’s and other business standards
  • Optimize business productivity and reduce costs associated with security and compliance, system downtime and malfunctioning revenue generating sources

This integration is valuable for Land O'Lakes, Inc because it unifies event detection, investigation and service management for our security and operations teams", said Tony Taylor, director of technology services, Land O'Lakes, Inc. "This intuitive, bi-directional workflow will help us improve our SLAs, enhance the customer experience and transform our event management processes.

Land OLakes

With the combined power of Sumo Logic and ServiceNow, we can now discover security, operational and network performance issues and remediate them in a fast and consistent manner”, said Prem Chand, CEO of Milestone Technologies. “As a Managed Service Provider for both Sumo Logic and ServiceNow, we look forward to extending the value of the joint solution to our customers.


The ability to access Sumo Logic directly from the ServiceNow user interface, and vice versa, makes critical event and change management more efficient,” said Sridhar Chandrashekar, vice president for automation and cloud infrastructure at ServiceNow. “Real-time anomaly detection, automated software integration and knowledge capture for future insights enables organizations to maximize their operational and security effectiveness.