Sumo Logic: Pricing and Packaging

Sumo Logic - Pricing and Packaging

The Sumo Logic service is offered as an annual subscription with various ”Add-On“ services to meet customer’s specific requirements. The pricing schedule is designed to make high volume purchases economically viable. Service usage is monitored and logged for complete transparency.

Sumo Logic offers customers various pricing and packaging options to deliver the best value and help customers effortlessly scale to meet business needs. The service is available through Free, Professional or Enterprise Editions.

Functionality Free Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Users 3 20 Users or More 20 Users or More
Data Retention Period 7 Days 30 Days or More 30 Days or More
Standard Enterprise Applications Limited All All
Security Analytics Application Suite
(Enterprise Security Application, PCI Application, etc.)
Not Included Not Included Included1
Pre-built Dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Access Controls RBAC Only RBAC Only RBAC and SAML
Automated Scheduled Searches Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Alerting No Yes Yes
API Access No Management All
Anomaly Detection No No Yes
Certified ServiceNow Integration Plug-in No Yes Yes
Pricing Free Starts @ $90/Month Starts @ $150/Month

1. Professional Services may be required

2. Prices are in U.S. dollars, and are applicable in the U.S. only

Sumo Logic FREE

Call Toll-Free: 855-LOG-SUMO, Ext 1 for sales
Other: +1-650-810-8700