Machine Data Analytics Showdown: Sumo Logic vs. Splunk

Sumo Logic delivers more value for lower TCO

Feature Sumo Logic Splunk Enterprise Splunk Cloud
Universal, Real-Time Indexing
Real-Time and Historical Search
Monitoring and Alerting
Distributed Search
Data Forwarding and Receiving
Role-Based Access Controls
Single Sign-On
Developer APIs
Enterprise Apps
Enterprise Support
Community Apps Coming Soon
Knowledge Mapping
Guaranteed Index Bursting (1)
LogReduce™ (2)
Guaranteed Query Performance (3)
Anomaly Detection (4)
Built-in High Availability and Redundancy (5)
SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, FIPS 140, US-EU Safe Harbor

Source: (As of May 27 2014) and Sumo Logic

  1. Sumo Logic offers guaranteed 5X plus elastic index bursting to help customers meet seasonal and unexpected surges on-demand, without investing in expensive hardware
  2. The patent-pending LogReduce technology reduces hundreds of thousands of pages of results into a handful of meaningful patterns
  3. Sumo Logic offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on query performance
  4. Automated and built-in machine-learning algorithms drive proactive analytics to detect critical events without depending on rules, queries or human input
  5. Built-in High Availability (HA) and redundancy is available to all customers at no additional cost