Customer Use Cases

Operational Intelligence at the Speed of Cloud

Sumo Logic solves today's most difficult Application Management, IT Operations, Security, and Compliance challenges. Using Sumo Logic, enterprises gain unprecedented visibility and insight from vast amounts of machine data, and experience business and technical value along multiple dimensions.

Enforce Operational, Security, and Regulatory Compliance

Sumo Logic delivers a simple, proactive and automated process to audit and investigate operational, security and regulatory compliance incidents. All data is centralized, secured, and easily analyzed in real-time through a single, highly scalable solution.

Using Sumo Logic, enterprises experience:

  • Reduced risk of security breaches and threats
  • Continuous compliance with regulatory and operational policies
  • Predictable and consistent operations which meet SLAs
  • Reduced operational costs and audit fees
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Increase Availability and Performance

Sumo Logic enables issues to be identified before they impact the application and customer. Precise, proactive analytics quickly uncover hidden root causes across all layers of the application and infrastructure stack.

Using Sumo Logic, enterprises experience:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and improved user experience
  • Reduced operational costs
  • An agile and responsive IT organization
  • Consistent and predictable SLAs
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Provide Real-time Customer, Product, and Application Insights

With Sumo Logic enterprises easily extract machine data insights to provide greater intelligence around their customers, products, and application usage. These insights provide a more accurate and complete analysis for business users.

Using Sumo Logic, enterprises experience:

  • Faster identification of new business opportunities
  • Improved customer experience and brand loyalty
  • Lower cost and time expenditures on holistic business analytics
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Accelerate Cloud Strategy

Sumo Logic enables enterprises to automate and speed the development and deployment process for cloud-based applications. Companies can rapidly detect, identify and resolve application issues.

Using Sumo Logic, enterprises experience:

  • Increased revenue and market share
  • Reduced operating and capital expense
  • More agile application posture
  • More predictable and consistent operations

Accelerate Application Time to Market

With Sumo Logic, companies can implement a consistent release process resulting in on-time releases. They can easily identify application issues and configuration changes across development, test and deployment environments.

Using Sumo Logic, enterprises experience:

  • Rapid responses to changing business demands
  • Improved application quality, uptime and reliability
  • Better alignment between development and operations
  • Improved revenue forecasting and predictability