Accelerate Application Time to Market

Leverage Machine Data to Shorten Path to Revenue

Efficiently rolling out new applications and new application features is critical to business success for today’s enterprise. Organizations require the ability to improve the speed and quality of application rollouts by quickly identifying issues in the development and release management process. When optimized, the application development and release process can be a key source of competitive advantage.

Sumo Logic helps enterprises accelerate application time to market by offering a single tool and view across development, test, and deployment environments. Organizations using Sumo Logic are able to implement a consistent application release process resulting in on-time delivery. Through rapid application rollouts, consistent application quality and performance, and rapid resolution of application issues, these organizations are able to shorten time to revenue and contribute to business growth.

Sumo Logic enables enterprises to accelerate application time to market through the following features:

  • Secure, scalable collection of any unstructured data (logs, APIs, apps, etc)
  • Anomaly Detection and LogReduce machine learning analytics for real-time detection of events
  • Elastic Log Processing™ indexing architecture
  • Single-pane dashboards powered by Continuous Queries™ that provide up-to-the-second visibility
  • Out-of-the-box support for complex, multi-line log formats including Apache, IIS, Ruby on Rails, nginx, JSON, PHP, JBOSS, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, XML, Oracle, MySQL, and more…