Increase Availability and Performance

Leverage Machine Data for Instant Operational Insight

Availability and Performance are the cornerstones of an efficient application and IT infrastructure. To maintain robust operations, enterprises must extract real-time insights about the health, performance and usage of their application and infrastructure stack with the help of key performance indicators. Alerts must be triggered in real-time, compliance reporting must be timely, and data must be retained over the long term to meet regulatory requirements.

Organizations using Sumo Logic identify issues before they impact the application and customer through proactive analytics that quickly uncover hidden root causes of failures across all layers of the application stack. Leveraging machine learning to complement human knowledge, these organizations are able to deliver instant insight from massive data sets, thereby resolving issues immediately and keeping critical resources focused on high value activities.

Sumo Logic enables enterprises to increase availability and performance through the following features:

  • Search and analytics engine that identifies and aggregates insights in real time
  • Anomaly Detection and LogReduce machine learning analytics for real-time detection of events
  • Single-pane dashboards powered by Continuous Queries™
  • Elastic Log Processing™ indexing architecture with a query performance guarantee
  • Out-of-the-box support for complex, multi-line log formats including Apache, IIS, Ruby on Rails, nginx, JSON, PHP, JBOSS, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, XML, Oracle, MySQL, and more…