Accelerate Cloud Strategy

Leverage Machine Data to Drive Cloud Adoption

Cloud computing presents economic and business benefits that today’s enterprise cannot ignore. In order to successfully compete, enterprises require a strategy that delivers a unified approach for the visibility and management of new cloud applications, as well as tools to accelerate the migration from on-premise to cloud deployments.

Sumo Logic offers enterprises an automated, easy, and rapid development and deployment process for cloud-based applications. Organizations using Sumo Logic shorten their time to achieve their cloud strategy, thereby rapidly improving market share and revenue. In addition, these organizations improve their application uptime, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Sumo Logic enables enterprises to accelerate their cloud strategy through the following features:

  • Single solution for on-premise and cloud application logs and API data
  • Cloud-based machine data architecture
  • Anomaly Detection and LogReduce machine learning analytics for real-time detection of events
  • Ability to filter out and/or mask sensitive, private data
  • Elastic scalability to address seasonal customer demands