Provide Real-Time Customer, Product, and Application Insights

Leverage Machine Data for Business Growth

Enterprises require the ability to correlate web and application machine data with sales, inventory, product, and customer context. This data, when properly analyzed, transforms into critical business insights that enable IT and Business executives to make optimal decisions in real-time.

Sumo Logic helps enterprises generate these insights through its machine data analytics platform. By leveraging machine data as a basis of customer intelligence, these organizations gain unprecedented insight into customer behavior, enabling them to optimize their offering and significantly improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Sumo Logic enables enterprises to provide real-time customer, product, and application insights through the following features:

  • Secure, scalable collection of any unstructured data (logs, APIs, apps, etc)
  • Search and analytics engine that identifies and aggregates insights in real time
  • Anomaly Detection and LogReduce machine learning analytics for real-time detection of events
  • Single-pane dashboards powered by Continuous Queries™ that provide up-to-the-second visibility of trends and insights
  • Patent-pending Elastic Log Processing™ indexing architecture