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Insights into Big Data Analytics
siem Has SIEM Lost Its Magic?

Top five reasons why SIEMs are failing security professionals Security information and eve...

it-ops2 Real-Time Digital: Wake-Up Call for IT Operations

By Jason Bloomberg, August 14, 2015 Every digital transformation initiative must deal with...

sumo_cloud_security The New Mindset for Building Secure Services in the Cloud

By Joan Pepin, VP Security & CISO at Sumo Logic Cloud computing is reshaping not only ...

bg-buzz Simplify, Operationalize and Optimize Your AWS Deployments

Purpose-Built Machine Data Analytics for AWS Environments Sumo Logic, the AWS-native servi...

client-logo-webjet Webjet

  Troy Earle, Infrastructure Manager, Webjet...

Demo Sumo Logic Next Generation Log Management & Analytics-Featured Video

  In this demo, we’re going to walk through an example customer scenario and th...

Demo of Sumo Logic-Log Reduce

  In this demo, we’re going to discuss LogReduce which finds the meaningful pat...

95-01 Sumo Logic Linux Collector-Quickstart Tutorial Video

  In this demo¬†we’re going to look at installing a collector on Linux. To star...

66-01 2 Quickstart Tutorial- Windows Collector- Featured Video

  In this demo we’re going to focus on installing a collector on Windows. If yo...

Sumo Logic Demo: Getting Started

  Sumo Logic is a cloud-based log management and analytic service. Sumo Logic service...

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