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Rapidly Generate Insights From Your Machine Data

This application was created especially for new users of the Sumo Logic service. Whether you are new to log management or plan to migrate from other products, the Sumo Logic Log Analysis QuickStart application will bring you up to speed with the Sumo Logic search, visualization and analytics capabilities. The application includes generic searches to extract important information from your log files, independent of where they get generated.


With the Sumo Logic Log Analysis QuickStart, you can:

  • Extract information about the visitors on your website and quickly address customer-facing issues
  • Track patterns of important keywords (error, failure, timeout) in your logs that indicate issues or incidents and monitor the metadata tags (Source Category, Source Name) of your Sumo Logic service
  • Monitor data collection and activity levels from various devices and applications to accurately troubleshoot issues

We are also utilizing our Dashboard API to tighten our collaboration with New Relic. Joint customers can see their log events from the Log Analysis QuickStart application in their New Relic dashboards.

More detailed information about the dashboards available in this application can be viewed in our support center.

A short application overview can be found on our Youtube channel.

Our blog post on the Log Analysis QuickStart plugin is on the New Relic site.



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