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StatsD Log Analyzer

Generate, Collect, and Measure Key Application Metrics

Generating, collecting and measuring granular metrics from custom applications  is critical for debugging, troubleshooting, improving availability, as well as tracking user behaviour. The Sumo Logic applications for StatsD delivers analytics that perfectly complement  the basic StatsD metrics by visualizing and running root cause analysis  for the errors StatsD identifies for timely remediation.


With the Sumo Logic Application for StatsD, you can:

  • Collect and centralize all important application metrics across performance, user behavior, and security
  • Visualize granular application metrics in real-time, set thresholds, and alert when metrics indicate issues or slow down
  • Understand and explain metrics by correlating them with application, server, and infrastructure logs
  • Run root cause analysis and remediate issues identified in StatsD
  • Share application metrics with key stakeholders across all departments such as marketing, product, operations, development, sales, and others


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