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February 13, 2013 By Sanjay Sarathy

A Visit To the Other Coast

Vance and I spent a week on the East Coast talking with a variety of analysts about the Sumo Logic story. Apart from the usual questions (“where did you come up with that name?”), there were a number of interesting observations from our first ‘tour’.

  • Different aspects of our story appeal to different analysts, depending on particular research areas. Some people latched onto our “Analytics for IT” story and were interested in a deep understanding of how we plan to take LogReduce and its associated capabilities to the proverbial next level. Others were interested in understanding just how elastic our cloud-based architecture is to support the potential bursting and scaling needs of a number of different clients. Still others focused on the ROI potential of our solution across a variety of different use cases.
  • Once we actually showed a live example of how LogReduce works (hello, Sumo on Sumo) everyone instinctively understood the huge operational and business value that LogReduce brings by distilling hundreds of thousands of log messages into a set of twenty to thirty real patterns. Thank goodness for ubiquitous WiFi.
  • My most interesting meeting was with about 20 people from a particular banking outfit with whom I spent the first ten minutes explaining what log files were and why analyzing them could uncover real insights from a business. Getting back to first principles was illuminating because without explaining the business reason for looking at log files, your so-called features are almost irrelevant.

We have our sales kickoff this week. There’s a ton of energy across every group, not just because of the success we’ve had but also from the enormous opportunity to help small and large businesses generate value from their machine data. We’d love to get your feedback on our service – try Sumo Logic Free and tell us what you think.

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