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Blogs in the AWS Category Find blogs about Amazon Web Services, a cornerstone in the IT infrastructure of many modern businesses. Get up-to-date on AWS news, learn about it's many services, and find out how it integrates with Sumo Logic platform for unparalleled analytics and insights. Browse our AWS blogs, and stay in-the-know.
Comparing AWS S3 and Glacier Data Storage Services – Migrating to AWS Part 1

Making a Data Storage Choice Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular cloud service provider today. Since inception, AWS has pioneered and revolutionized the way modern organizations deploy, operate and manage their IT services in a virtualized environment. Thousands of companies around the world have either partially or fully migrated their IT workload to […]

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Monitoring AWS Elastic Load Balancing with Cloudwatch

Quick Refresher – What is AWS Elastic Load Balancing? A key part of any modern application is the ability to spread the load of user requests to your application across multiple resources, which makes it much easier to scale as traffic naturally goes up and down during the day and the week. Amazon Web Services’ […]

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Achieving AWS DevOps Competency Status and What it Means for Customers

As a company born in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, Sumo Logic has been dedicated to forging key strategic partnerships that focus on giving customers the ultimate solution they need to manage and secure their modern applications in the cloud. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve achieved AWS DevOps Competency status. Sumo Logic […]

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Optimizing Cloud Visibility and Security with Amazon GuardDuty and Sumo Logic

The following blog is a collaborative piece from Sumo Logic and AWS. Special thanks to all three co-authors Anoop Sunke, AWS partner solutions architect, Graham Watts, senior sales engineer at Sumo Logic and Mike Reinhart, director of product marketing for cloud security and compliance at Sumo Logic for their joint contributions and expert technical insight. […]

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Choosing Between an ELB and an ALB on AWS

If you use AWS, you have two load-balancing options: ELB and ALB. And while choice is always a good thing, the ELB vs. ALB debate can be intimidating. Which load balancer is right for your application? Is ALB better than ELB, or vice versa? This article explores these questions. What Are the ELB and ALB? […]

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Configuring Your ELB Health Check For Better Health Monitoring

Configuring health checks for the AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is an important step to ensure that your cloud applications run smoothly. In this article, we’re going to look specifically at how to configure the health checks on an ELB. In addition, we’re going to look at what factors you should consider when creating and […]

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Tuning Your ELB for Optimal Performance

Amazon Web Services (AWS) first introduced Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) in May of 2009. The objective of the service was to provide a method for users to distribute traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances. Today, AWS offers their ELB service in three distinct flavors: Classic Load Balancer Application Load Balancer Network Load Balancer In this […]

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Auto Subscribing CloudWatch Log Groups to AWS Lambda Function

Serverless computing has enabled developers to develop their next-generation products from ideation to production, without waiting for, or worrying about, infrastructure. AWS Lambda and AWS CloudWatch Logs, both services provided by AWS, are one of the important components in serverless architectures.I’ll assume that you know what they are and how to use them and some jargon […]

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Best Practices for AWS Config

AWS Config was introduced by Amazon Web Services in 2014 as an auditing tool to help consumers of AWS resources actively track and monitor AWS assets. The tool allows administrators to determine compliance with corporate and security standards. It also functions in determining changes to the cloud ecosystem which may have resulted in performance and […]

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Biggest AWS Security Breaches of 2017

Early on, one of the most common reasons cited for not taking advantage of public cloud computing was security concerns. In general, that is no longer true. Today, a properly managed cloud environment is just as secure as any other type of well-maintained environment. Yet no security operation is perfect. Even the best-managed cloud environment […]

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