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Continuous Intelligence for Your AWS Environment

Yesterday, our CEO Ramin Sayar blogged about his thoughts on the future of business intelligence based on machine data analytics. He conveyed that more than ever before why disruptive, software-centric businesses need an entirely new kind of data intelligence infrastructure – continuous intelligence – to support their customers’ always-on needs and demands.

But what does continuous intelligence mean in the AWS context, and more importantly, how is it useful for businesses building, migrating and running software applications on AWS?

Very simply, continuous intelligence for AWS is the operational visibility that provides a unified view across the entire AWS infrastructure. A mission-critical software application that is built and run on AWS leverages the servers, container services, databases, storage elements and management tools offered by AWS. Obviously the health of the application is then dependent on the health of these infrastructural elements. It is imperative that IT teams keep a finger on the pulse of these underlying elements, so they understand the overall health of the application.

Sumo Logic provides a comprehensive set of applications and integrations for AWS services and other off-the-shelf applications. Sumo Logic, itself a service built on AWS, delivers instant visibility through pre-built dashboards, searches, queries and reports. IT teams can immediately visualize and monitor their workloads easily, identify issues and expedite root-cause analysis to fix their IT outages quickly. For the business, this translates to more agility, less downtime, better performance, and ultimately, more financial success.

Check out our recently published infographic (below) that visually depicts the above ideas around how Sumo Logic provides continuous intelligence for your AWS environment. I invite you to stop by booth 200 at AWS re:Invent next week to learn more.

AWS Continuous Intelligence Infographic

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“Sumo Logic brings everything together into one interface 
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Jon Dokuli,
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