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Introducing the Sumo Logic App for AWS Config

Introducing the Sumo Logic App for AWS Config: Real-Time Cloud Visibility

The best part about an AWS infrastructure is its dynamic and flexible nature, the ability to add/delete/modify resources at any time, allowing you to rapidly meet the needs of the business. However, operating and monitoring that dynamic AWS environment on a daily basis is a different story.

That dynamic nature we all appreciate, but this presents many operating challenges:

  • Organizations need an easy way to track changes.
    • For auditing and compliance
    • Security investigations
    • Tracking system failures
  • Operations teams that support the AWS environment need to know what was changed in an environment
    • When was it changed
    • Who made the change
    • What resources were impacted by this change

Without detailed visibility operations teams are flying blind. They don’t have the information they need to mange their AWS infrastructure and be held accountable.

To help you operate, manage and monitor your AWS environment and to maximize your investments we are please to announce the availability of the Sumo Logic App for AWS Config. The new app enables operations and security teams to monitor an AWS infrastructure and track what is being modified and its relationship with other objects.

Sumo Logic App for AWS Config

Dashboard View: Sumo Logic App for AWS Config












With the Sumo Logic App for AWS Config enables organizations to.

  • Monitor resources
  • Generate audit and compliance reports
  • View resource relationships
  • Troubleshoot configurations
  • Discover resource modification trends

The Sumo Logic App for AWS Config is available today from the App Library. If you haven’t tried Sumo Logic yourself yet, sign-up for our free trial and see how you can get immediate operational visibility into your AWS infrastructure. It’s free and you can get up and running in just a few minutes.

To learn more about Sumo Logic’s continuous intelligence for AWS, please go to I’d also love to hear about how you are using the app or supporting your AWS environment, so please feel free to send feedback directly to

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