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Graham Watts

Graham Watts

Sales Engineer

Graham Watts is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Sales Engineer at Sumo Logic. Find him on LinkedIn here:

Sumo Logic For Support and Customer Success Teams

*Authored by Kevin Keech, Director of Support at Sumo Logic, and Graham Watts, Senior Solutions Engineer at Sumo Logic Many Sumo Logic customers ask, “How can I use Sumo Logic for support and customer success teams?” If you need a better customer experience to stay ahead of the competition, Sumo Logic can help. In this […]

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Optimizing Cloud Visibility and Security with Amazon GuardDuty and Sumo Logic

The following blog is a collaborative piece from Sumo Logic and AWS. Special thanks to all three co-authors Anoop Sunke, AWS partner solutions architect, Graham Watts, senior sales engineer at Sumo Logic and Mike Reinhart, director of product marketing for cloud security and compliance at Sumo Logic for their joint contributions and expert technical insight. […]

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Packer and Sumo Logic – Build Monitoring Into Your Images

Whether you’re new to automating your image builds with Packer, new to Sumo Logic, or just new to integrating Packer and Sumo Logic, this post guides you through creating an image with Sumo Logic baked in. We’ll use AWS as our cloud provider, and show how to create custom machine images in one command that […]

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Terraform and Sumo Logic – Build Monitoring into your Cloud Infrastructure

Are you using Terraform and looking for a way to easily monitor your cloud infrastructure? Whether you’re new to Terraform, or you control all of your cloud infrastructure through Terraform, this post provides a few examples how to integrate Sumo Logic’s monitoring platform into Terraform-scripted cloud infrastructure. *This article discusses how to integrate the Sumo Logic collector […]

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An Introduction to the AWS Application Load Balancer

I’ve recently received some questions about the AWS Application Load Balancer, what advantages it provides, and how to monitor it. AWS is already calling the original Elastic Load Balancer it’s ‘Classic’ Load Balancer, so if you’re anxious to understand why so many are using it over the Classic ELB, this post is for you. This post […]

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CloudFormation and Sumo Logic – Build Monitoring into your Stack

Curious about Infrastructure as Code (IaC)? Whether you’re new to AWS CloudFormation, or you control all of your cloud infrastructure through CloudFormation templates, this post demonstrates how to integrate Sumo Logic’s monitoring platform into an AWS CloudFormation stack. Collect Logs and Metrics from your Stack Sumo Logic’s ability to Unify your Logs and Metrics can be built into your CloudFormation […]

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AWS Well Architected Framework – Security Pillar

Updated 11/26/2018 When I’m asked, “How should I monitor my Amazon Web Services infrastructure?” or, “What AWS products and features should I be using?”, one of the first topics I focus on is security. The AWS Well Architected Framework‘s Security Pillar defines cloud security best practices with five Design Principles and five focus areas. First, I’ll […]

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AWS Best Practices – How to Achieve a Well Architected Framework

I’m often asked, “How should I monitor my Amazon Web Services infrastructure? What AWS products and features should I be using?” These two questions can be difficult to answer, but with the help of AWS’s top Solutions Architects, you can ask your team a set of key questions to ensure you’ve built AWS best practices into your stack. Amazon Web Service’s […]

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