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Mike Mackrory

Mike Mackrory

Mike Mackrory is a Global citizen who has settled down in the Pacific Northwest – for now. By day he works as a Senior Engineer on a Quality Engineering team and by night he writes, consults on several web based projects and runs a marginally successful eBay sticker business. When he’s not tapping on the keys, he can be found hiking, fishing and exploring both the urban and the rural landscape with his kids. Always happy to help out another developer, he has a definite preference for helping those who bring gifts of gourmet donuts, craft beer and/or Single-malt Scotch.

Jenkins, Continuous Integration and You: How to Develop a CI Pipeline with Jenkins

Continuous Integration, or CI for short, is a development practice wherein developers can make changes to project code and have those changes automatically trigger a process which builds the project, runs any test suites and deploys the project into an environment. The process enables teams to rapidly test and develop ideas and bring innovation faster […]

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