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Blogs in the Sumo Logic Company News Category Stay abreast of all the latest happenings within the Sumo Logic community! From product news and announcements, to company events, to employee awards and honors, discover what's going in with us. You'll also find information on how to best use various Sumo Logic capabilities, apps, and integrations. Delve into the world of Sumo Logic today.
Announcing Sumo Logic’s Unified Logs and Metrics Solution

Are you suffering from swivel chair hell? Everyone knows that logs and metrics represent two sides of application and infrastructure “machine data”: Metrics can provide your app and infrastructure KPI’s like CPU, memory usage, latencies, SQL execution times etc. Logs provide you context into application and infrastructure execution KPI’s – errors, warnings, relevant events like […]

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Setup Wizard – July 2015 Release is LIVE!

The Setup Wizard July release just went live! Thank you for all your feedback and support. This release includes: A welcome page that clearly distinguishes between a sandbox environment via static file uploads and configuring Collectors to collect streaming data. Intelligent Path Detection so that you do not have to manually type in path expressions for […]

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Sumo Logic AWS VPC Flow Log Application

Hola peeps, Exciting times here at Sumo Logic! Last week we announced a new round of funding Sumo Logic Raises 80 Million  and this week we are EXCITED to holla about our upcoming release of the AWS VPC Flow Log App! See the AWS blog by @jeffbarr a high level VPC Flow Logs allow AWS […]

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