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Blogs in the Sumo Logic Company News Category Stay abreast of all the latest happenings within the Sumo Logic community! From product news and announcements, to company events, to employee awards and honors, discover what's going in with us. You'll also find information on how to best use various Sumo Logic capabilities, apps, and integrations. Delve into the world of Sumo Logic today.

Sumo Logic: what thoughts come to your mind when you hear these two words? Some images that cross your mind may be a genius sumo wrestler solving math problems, or you might think that it’s the title of an autobiography of a Sumo wrestler, but really other than being a cool name, it can be […]

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Disrupting the Economics of Machine Data Analytics

The power of modern applications is their ability to leverage the coming together of mobile, social, information and cloud to drive new and disruptive experiences…To enable companies to be more agile, to accelerate the pace at which they roll out new code, to adopt DevSecOps methodologies where traditional siloed walls between the teams are disappearing. But […]

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Journey to the Cloud, with Pivotal and Sumo Logic

There is no denying it – the digital business transformation movement is real, and the time for this transformation is now. When, according to survey from Bain & Company, 48 of 50 Fortune Global companies have publicly announced plans to adopt public cloud, it is clear that there are no industries immune from this disruption. […]

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Announcing Sumo Logic’s Unified Logs and Metrics Solution

Are you suffering from swivel chair hell? Everyone knows that logs and metrics represent two sides of application and infrastructure “machine data”: Metrics can provide your app and infrastructure KPI’s like CPU, memory usage, latencies, SQL execution times etc. Logs provide you context into application and infrastructure execution KPI’s – errors, warnings, relevant events like […]

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