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May 23, 2012 By Vance Loiselle

Four Reasons to Join Sumo Logic (and Move to California)

Since this is my initial blog as CEO of Sumo Logic, I thought the best way to introduce myself was not to bore you with my biography but to tell you what drew me to Sumo and my impressions to date. When you’re considering not only leaving a great job, but asking your family to move cross-country, it had better be for a good reasons. In my case, there were four: 1. Exceptional Team: Everyone knows you need great people to create great things. Sumo Logic was started by really thoughtful technologists who have lived the problems they are solving. They have been building enterprise software to tackle Big Data from a security and log management perspective for the past ten years and know the pitfalls of on-premise architectures. Most importantly, they work their tails off to ensure they look at every technical and product issue through the eyes of the customer, without sacrificing their vision for the product and the company. You can always tell the quality of a person by the people around them. The founders here have attracted amazing talent. And the combination of their technical brilliance, sense of humor and dedication to meeting their commitments are evident in our product. A great team with a great idea is often not enough — you need great backing. And I’ll stack our investors against anyone’s. Our board of directors includes Silicon Valley stars Greylock Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures and Shlomo Kramer, and provides me the advice and stewardship necessary for rapid growth and long-term success. 2. Big Opportunity: This market is massive — there is no other way to describe it. The volume, velocity and variety of the machine data being generated by applications, networks, servers, mobile devices, etc. is overwhelming IT organizations. And every enterprise needs a way to search and analyze this machine data to troubleshoot application problems, proactively monitor performance and availability, and gain insights about their customers. The machine data explosion, growing at 48% per year, is clearly at the heart of the Big Data revolution. Now add the cloud to that equation. Today’s on-premise solutions, with their outdated architectures, simply can’t keep up with this explosion in data. People want easy to deploy, highly scalable, cloud-based solutions. 3. Differentiated Product: When I first got into software, I thought you could win with hard work and a good product. I quickly learned that to really be successful you need that “secret sauce” that no one else has, where customers’ eyes light up when they see it. When the Sumo team walked me through the solution, it was clear that this product had the secret sauce. It just “hits” you in the demo—when you realize that all of the hours being spent searching logs and other bits of machine data—that there is a much smarter way to find that needle in the haystack. Moreover, the only way to deal with all of this data is to build an architecture that is elastic at every one of the key processing points so that it can easily handle the terabytes of data per day and still provide analytics in real time. Lastly, the only way to pull off the scale, flexibility and ease of use required is to do it in the cloud, so our customers benefit from the economies of scale and quick time to value we provide. 4. Quick Traction: Ultimately, you can have all the great people and technology in the world. But it’s the market that decides whether you’ve got a winner or not. Since our launch in January, we’ve added customers far faster than we predicted — across three continents, no less. We have active trials in some of the largest, most demanding companies in the world. And our product is winning key industry awards. In the coming weeks I’m looking forward to hearing from you, meeting many of you, and sharing updates on Sumo Logic and my thoughts on the industry in general. And if you want in on the excitement of solving some of the biggest problems in IT for customers around the world, join us.

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