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Blogs in the IT and Log Monitoring Category Sumo Logic is a leader in real-time log monitoring technology and provides deep insights into this complex landscape. Blog posts range from best practices, to use-cases, to how-to topics. You'll even find interviews with thought leaders and other influencers in the log monitoring space. Make sure you're getting the most out of your log monitoring!
Analyze Azure Network Watcher Flow Logs with Sumo Logic

Azure Network Watcher Azure Network Watcher is a network performance and diagnostic service which enables you to monitor your Azure Network. This service lets you collect “Network Security Group (NSG) Flow Logs”. NSG flows logs have 5-tuple information (source, destination, Traffic Flow, Traffic : Allowed/Denied) about ingress and egress IP traffic that are either blocked […]

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A Toddler’s Guide to Data Analytics

Any parent of a two-year old appreciates the power of speaking a common language. There is nothing more frustrating to my two-year old son than his inability to communicate what he wants. Learning to say things like “milk” and “applesauce” has transformed the breakfast experience. On the other hand, learning to say “trash” means that […]

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Sumo Logic + New Relic = Comprehensive Application and Infrastructure Operations

At AWS re:Invent 2016 last week, New Relic and Sumo Logic announced a partnership that brings together two leaders in application operations. The integrated solution combines machine data analytics with application and infrastructure performance data to enable joint customers to use the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform for visualizing the impact of software performance on […]

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Announcing Sumo Logic’s State of Modern Apps in AWS Report

Today we published Sumo Logic’s first  “The State of The Modern App in AWS” report. We wanted to explore how modern applications differ from traditional applications: how are the modern app workloads run, what application components are used, and which types of application services are leveraged?  This report is based on anonymized data from about […]

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How We Survived the Dyn DNS Outage

What Happened? On Friday October 21st, Dyn, a major DNS provider, started having trouble due to a DOS attack. Many companies including PagerDuty, Reddit, Twitter, and others suffered significant downtime. Sumo Logic had a short blip of failures, but stayed up, allowing our customers to continue to seamlessly use our service for monitoring and troubleshooting within […]

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Data, with a little Help from my friends

  Ever had that sinking feeling when you start a new job and wonder just why you made the jump? I had a gut check when, shortly after joining Sumo Logic in June of 2012, I realized that we had less than 50 daily hits to our Knowledge Base on our support site. Coming from […]

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