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January 14, 2021 By Sumo Logic

Multi-cloud development is accelerating adoption of Kubernetes

As cloud infrastructure grows and develops, reliable and safe management of containers across multiple cloud providers grows increasingly important - accelerating the adoption of Kubernetes (K8s). Orchestration technologies like Kubernetes (K8s) automate the deployment and scaling of containers, and they also ensure the reliability of applications and workloads running on containers.

The open source nature of Kubernetes allows it to be implemented across multiple Cloud providers, breaking the vendor lock-in for selecting a cloud-hosted service. Though originally developed by Google, Kubernetes is managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and not designed specifically for any Cloud provider.

Organizations can run applications in pods managed by Kubernetes on-premise as well as any cloud environment.

Using the data in Sumo Logic’s 2020 Continuous Intelligence Report, we can gain insight into the adoption of Kubernetes (K8s) as well as competing technologies such as Amazon’s Container Orchestration Service (ECS). This data is sourced anonymously from over 2,100 Sumo Logic customers and gives us a view into the adoption of the technologies being monitored by enterprise customers.

Multi-cloud use is highly correlated with higher Kubernetes adoption (Figure A). The more Cloud providers enterprises use, the more likely they use Kubernetes to manage containers. Kubernetes adoption among Sumo Logic’s customers using only AWS as a host is 25%, and Kubernetes adoption jumps to 88% when looking at customers using a mix of the top three Cloud hosting services, AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Figure A: Kubernetes adoption among Sumo customers using a mix of cloud infrastructure

Customers like LendingTree tell us the benefit of choosing Kubernetes and Sumo Logic: “We’re deploying Kubernetes to give us the option of selecting the optimal blend of cloud vendors to precisely meet our needs. This would be impossible without Sumo Logic’s cloud-neutrality.” Staff Site Reliability Engineer at LendingTree. Learn more about how LendingTree uses Sumo Logic for Kubernetes.

As of the 2020 report, 43% of Sumo Logic’s AWS customers are now using either Amazon ECS or Kubernetes (K8s) for container orchestration (Figure B). Sumo Logic provides native integrations with best practice data sources for Kubernetes—Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, FluentD, Fluentbit, and Falco. Sumo Logic works for any Kubernetes setup, anywhere—on-premises, AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Figure B

Figure B - Kubernetes and ECS adoption among Sumo customers on AWS

Among Sumo Logic’s customers on AWS, Kubernetes accelerated in popularity over the last three years (Figure B). This is likely due to Amazon offering it’s own Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) to make deploying Kubernetes simpler to manage. Note, Amazon EKS customers are included in the count of Kubernetes customers.

Today, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all offer their own version of a “managed” Kubernetes service. Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine, and Azure Kubernetes Service are the most common cloud infrastructure services offering their own version of a secured and managed Kubernetes service with automatic scaling and multi-cluster support. All of these Cloud services can be monitored by Sumo Logic’s Kubernetes App. Learn more about the Sumo Logic Kubernetes App.

We can see from this data that enterprises are rapidly adopting and utilizing Kubernetes to support their multi-cloud applications. Enterprises are betting on Kubernetes to drive their multi-cloud strategies. We can expect to see continued adoption of Kubernetes in the next few years as well as the adoption of the managed Kubernetes services.

To learn more about the cloud and the state of modern applications, download the Sumo Logic’s 2020 Continuous Intelligence Report.

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