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October 2, 2013 By Christian Beedgen

Meatballs And Flying Tacos Don't Make a Cloud

Yes, we are cloud and proud. Puppies, ponies, rainbows, unicorns. We got them all. But the cloud is not a personal choice for us at Sumo Logic. It is an imperative. An imperative to build a better product, for happier customers.

We strongly believe that if designed correctly, there is no need to fragment your product into many different pieces, each with different functional and performance characteristics that confuse decision-makers. We have built the Sumo Logic platform from the very beginning with a mindset of scalability. Sumo Logic is a service that is designed to appeal and adapt to many use cases. This explains why in just three short years we have been successful in a variety of enterprise accounts across three continents because - first and foremost - our product scales.

On the surface, scale is all about the big numbers. We got Big Data, thank you. So do our customers, and we scale to the level required by enterprise customers. Yet, scaling doesn't mean scaling up by sizes of data sets. Scaling also means being able to scale back, to get out of the way, and provide value to everyone, including those customers that might not have terabytes of data to deal with. Our Sumo Free offering has proven that our approach to scaling is holistic - one product for everyone. No hard decisions to be made now, and no hard decisions to be made later. Just do it and get value.

Another compelling advantage of our multi-tenant, one service approach is that we can very finely adjust to the amount of data and processing required by every customer, all the time. Elasticity is key, because it enables agility. Agile is the way of business today. Why would anyone want to get themselves tied into a fixed price license, and on top of that provision large amount of compute and storage resources permanently upfront just to buy insurance for those days of the year where business spikes, or, God forbid, a black swan walks into the lobby? Sumo Logic is the cure for anti-agility in the machine data analytics space. As a customer, you get all the power you need, when you need it, without having to pay for it when you don't.

Finally, Sumo Logic scales insight. With our recently announced anomaly detection capability, you can now rely on the army of squirrels housed in our infrastructure to generate and vet millions of hypotheses about potential problems on your behalf. Only the most highly correlated anomalies survive this rigorous process, meaning you get actionable insight into potential infrastructure issues for free. You will notice repetitive events and be able to annotate them precisely and improve your operational processes. Even better - you will be able to share documented anomalous events with and consume them back from the Sumo Logic community. What scales to six billion humans? Sumo Logic does.

One more thing: as a cloud-native company, we have also scaled the product development process, to release more features, more improvements, and yes, more bug fixes than any incumbent vendor. Sumo Logic runs at the time of now, and new stuff rolls out on a weekly basis. Tired of waiting for a year to get issues addressed? Tired of then having to provision an IT project to just update the monitoring infrastructure? Scared of how that same issue will apply even if the vendor "hosts" the software for you? We can help.

Sumo Logic scales, along all dimensions. You like scale? Come on over.

Oh, and thanks for the date, Praveen. I'll let you take the check.

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Christian Beedgen

Christian Beedgen

As co-founder and CTO of Sumo Logic, Christian Beedgen brings 18 years experience creating industry-leading enterprise software products. Since 2010 he has been focused on building Sumo Logic’s multi-tenant, cloud-native machine data analytics platform which is widely used today by more than 1,600 customers and 50,000 users. Prior to Sumo Logic, Christian was an early engineer, engineering director and chief architect at ArcSight, contributing to ArcSight’s SIEM and log management solutions.

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