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February 14, 2017 By Michael Floyd

New DevOps Site Chronicles the Changing Face of DevOps

As organizations increasingly adopt DevOps as part of the digital initiative, the very nature of DevOps is rapidly changing. As DevOps as a Service, security-first design patterns, containerization and microservices come into focus, it’s clear that DevOps is becoming the de facto means by which organizations build, run and secure their modern applications.

So today we are launching the new DevOps Chronicles, a compendium of learnings from both the industry at large and here at Sumo Logic. The DevOps Chronicles includes case studies from companies like Etsy, Netflix, Twitter, and LinkedIn that emphasize key practices. The site also offers practitioner written walkthroughs and how-to’s. The site is freely available to anyone who has an interest in DevOps.

The Future of DevOps – What You Will Learn

When I look at companies and how they practice continuous delivery, it’s different at every company. At Amazon where the mantra is “You build it, you own it,” Developers are directly responsible for the code they push into production. At Facebook, release engineers manage deployments into production. Etsy is probably one of the few companies that can claim true push-button deployments. Here at Sumo Logic, we do something in between where the release team manages deployments, but engineers swarm problems to resolve issues.

Through case studies like these, you’ll learn how highly successful teams build, deploy and monitor cloud applications, then feed back information gained through telemetry to improve software quality. We’ve broken the site out to cover the following topics, each with its own articles and related content.

Much of the content is contributed by practitioners like you, and is based on our collective experience including my own. I’ve had the good fortune to have worked with and interviewed industry notables like Jez Humble, co-author of continuous delivery, former Netflix Cloud Architect Adrian Cockroft, and former LinkedIn data scientist Sid Anand. Many of the insights you’ll find in the DevOps Chronicles are based on ideas embodied in this earlier work.

We will be continually adding to the Chronicles, and encourage you to contribute to this collective of knowledge and wisdom by sharing your stories. If you’d like to contribute, feel free to drop me a note on twitter @CodeJournalist, or on LinkedIn.

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