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September 24, 2015 By Karen Hodskins

Feel the Spray Yet? (Riding the Ocean of Data Tsunami)

The talk of digital business transformation is vast and deep, but what of it’s impact on the very nature of innovation itself? For example, the speed in which an idea goes from the spark in an entrepreneur’s eye to a disruptive new service is uncanny. That journey, largely borne out through software, has become so compelling that even Bloomberg recently devoted an entire issue to it, as if we were collectively being introduce to our new life partner: code.

Well, to code, I say, “meet data.” It’s not a blind date – data is your soul mate. Soul mate? To many IT/app leaders and managers, it’s probably more like the mate they can’t live with. That’s because code – specifically the code that has become the new, exciting software- centric businesses disrupting the way I travel, buy window fans, hitch a ride, get my baby wrap burrito, and recycle my junk — is generating data at a velocity, variety and volume that is virtually impossible to extract value from in a timely manner. This is creating unprecedented complexity and risk in the infrastructure that’s hand wringing at best, and, [I won’t say it but you know] at worst.

Code is creating an ocean of data at such a fast rate, that even if an IT/App leader could build a solution to address it, that solution would be outdated at deployment – maybe even at conception. We built an infographic below to share some of the stats on just how fast this data tsunami is growing.

Feeling the spray of the wave yet? Well, don’t worry – Sumo’s got your back. Sumo Logic’s cloud-native, data analytics service, is the way to master the new IT/App complexity and risk. It’s an always on, current, scaling, elastic, learning (through advance machine learning algorithms), secure (the most advanced cloud-based security model in the industry) service. And it comes with built-in, advanced analytics, to help you uncover the patterns and anomalies across the your entire infrastructure stack that support business and operational insights.

With Sumo Logic, code and data become a match made in heaven – the mate you can’t live without. Don’t delay – start your free Sumo Logic trial today!

Ocean of Data Infographic

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Karen Hodskins

Karen Hodskins

Senior Director, Brand Marketing

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