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May 25, 2018By Nicole Cieslak

SnapSecChat: Privacy Status Update with Sumo Logic Experts

Today is officially D-Day for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and over the past couple of days many people have been receiving privacy policy updates from a slew of companies, especially social media focused ones. But have you ever stopped to think about what data privacy actually means to you, and how it impacts your daily life?

In this latest SnapSecChat video series, our CSO, George Gerchow, brings in a Sumo Logic guest, Ben Newton, director of product marketing, to dig into how privacy has evolved and how we may have become numb to who is using our data. So what can we do to course correct? Number one is to encourage education at every level of society, not just within the technology industry. Secondly, the vendors that provide these tools need to be transparent with their end-users on their policies and clear about the options available to limit access to personal information. And if else fails, you can always put it on the blockchain, seriously!

If you enjoyed this video, then be sure to stay tuned for another one coming to a website near you soon! And don’t forget to follow George (@GeorgeGerchow) and Ben (@benoitnewton) on Twitter and use the hashtag #SnapSecChat to join the security (and GDPR) conversation!

Check out our new podcast, Masters of Data, where each episode, Ben interviews innovators, big thinkers and provocateurs, to learn theirs views about data. Join the data revolution on Twitter at #MastersofData!

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Nicole Cieslak

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