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June 24, 2015 By Nancy Chu

3 Reasons Why You Need To Bodystorm

Last month I wrote about learning to build a Service Blueprint to build a better SaaS product from the “Transforming Customer Experience” training at Cooper U. Another valuable tool we learned is Bodystorming.

Bodystorming is a technique that can be very helpful when designing customer interactions. Rather than imagining an interaction by brainstorming, the idea of bodystorming is to act as if the product or workflow actually existed by roleplaying the different parts of the interaction.

The example here captures an actual bodystorming exercise I had with our Support Manager, Kevin. He tried to explain a problem with our current account lockout and password reset, but until we acted it out, I wasn’t able to fully empathize with our users and internalize the frustration. Kevin acted as the Sumo Logic application and I acted as a user who was locked out of the account and couldn’t reset password.

As you can see, bodystorming makes it easier to understand and empathize with users by acting out different roles in the interaction, and the best part is that this can be achieved in a short period of time. It is valuable in helping participants come up with new creative ways to design a particular interaction by enabling the participants to be surrounded by the actual events, behaviors, inefficiencies, and pain points.

My next step is to work out all the details of this workflow, and run it by our Security team to make sure that we are still PCI Compliant while we simplify the User Experience.

In summary, next time you should definitely include bodystorming during your design process because:

  1. You want to understand and empathize with your users
  2. You want to efficiently design a product, workflow, or interaction
  3. You want to create an effective design that solves inefficiencies and pain points

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