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April 21, 2015 By George Gerchow

RSA 2015 “Rise of the Cloud Illuminati”

In 2012, I wrote a Blog on how the RSA Conference was “Back to the Golden Age”. Now, in 2015, it has been confirmed. The excitement created by cloud startup solutions and the SecOps movement has more hype than the upcoming Mayweather vs Pacquiao bout! Having said that, all this great energy has an undercurrent of fear – fear of losing control. Fear that your archaic security architecture and processes will soon no longer be relevant and that you may not be involved in cloud strategy meetings.

There are now billions of users going beyond the traditional boundaries of the enterprise into cloud offerings. That means over a billion users are moving at the ‘pace of cloud’ and using modern tools, while information security and compliance teams are operating in the dark with respect to this activity. Security professionals are being challenged with lack of visibility and growing threats within their environments transformed by these cloud offerings. Users are in the cloud, in and out of your network and out of your control.

So what about user permissions, access control and compliance? Forget that, you cannot control these unless you try to incorporate about 20 disparate solutions which are likely not heterogeneous and cannot handle modern applications or the plethora of data that each generates. So as a security professional, you can take “samples” from this massive volume of data and hope that you can monitor trends and get a reasonable assessment of your security posture. That is like a Bronco fan having faith that Peyton Manning will bring them a Super Bowl win. Ain’t happening, unless, you get out in front of it with Sumo Logic’s Cloud Audit capabilities.

Today, at RSA 2015, Sumo Logic is announcing that billions of users will no longer operate in the shadows. We are going to illuminate these users and empower the Cloud Illuminati to reclaim control while enabling productivity. Given our integrations with Microsoft Office 365, Box, ServiceNow, AWS and many other cloud solutions, users can go about doing their jobs beyond traditional boundaries with complete visibility and without any compromises.

Visibility or illumination is the first measure of regaining control without compromising speed and agility. Visibility gives you the situational awareness to make critical, time-sensitive decisions, measure risk and manage threats based on comprehensive analysis of data. On- prem, off-prem, Saas, Paas, like a Ronda Rousey arm bar you can now start the process of securing your cloud. So we ask you now, do you want to be one of “those people”, or do you want to be one of us, the trail blazers, the storm troopers, the ones who have control, the Cloud Illuminati.

We will be discussing Cloud Illuminati during my panel on Wednesday, April 22nd at 10:20am, Moscone West, Room 2022

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George Gerchow

George Gerchow

CSO and SVP of IT

As Sumo Logic's Chief Security Officer (CSO), George Gerchow brings 18 years of information technology and systems management expertise to the application of IT processes and disciplines. His expertise impacts the security, compliance, and operational status of complex, heterogeneous, virtual and cloud computing environments. George's practical experience and insight from managing the infrastructures of some of the world's largest corporate and government institutions, make him a highly regarded speaker and invited panelist on topics including cloud secure architecture design, virtualization, configuration management, operational security and compliance. George was one of the original founders of the VMware Center for Policy and Compliance and he holds CISSP, ITIL, Cisco, and Microsoft Certifications. George is also an active Board Member for several technology start ups and the co-author of Center for Internet Security - Quick Start Cloud Infrastructure Benchmark v1.0.0 and is a Faculty Member for IANS - Institute of Applied Network Security

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