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June 20, 2018 By Nicole Cieslak

SnapSecChat: The Demand for Security as a Service

Before you roll your eyes at another “as a service” term, listen to what Sumo Logic CSO George Gerchow has to say about it in this latest SnapSecChat video series. The reason why offering solutions “as a service” has become so widespread is because that’s the way it should be done, especially with security. Ultimately, when you are in the practice of security, people are your customers and you want to provide guardrails for them, to make for an easy and transparent process.

Why? Because the reality of it is that security is hard, and your customers don’t always have the time to handle it themselves — that’s why they work with vendors who are security subject matter experts. At Sumo Logic we’ve provided a security as a service portal, based on customer demand and inquiries. To hear more about George’s perspective on SECaaS, and to learn how you can take a holistic view to security that enables your customers instead of creating a bottleneck, watch the video.

If you enjoyed this SnapSecChat, then be sure to stay tuned for another one coming to a website near you soon! And don’t forget to follow George (@GeorgeGerchow) on Twitter and use the hashtag #SnapSecChat to join the security conversation!

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Nicole Cieslak

Nicole Cieslak is the marketing communications manager at Sumo Logic and editor in chief of the Sumo Logic blog, responsible for sharing company news, research, partner/customer stories and other happenings with external stakeholders.

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