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Blogs in the Security Category Security is a chief concern for every IT-based business, and Sumo Logic offers a variety of posts to help your organization protect itself from attacks. Topics include discussions of security concerns for specific tools and apps, best practices for top-level IT security, and insights into how Sumo Logic can bolster your protection and monitoring.
Detecting Insider Threats with Okta and Sumo Logic

Security intelligence for SaaS and AWS Workloads is different than your traditional on-prem environment Based on Okta’s latest Business@Work report,  organizations are using between 16-22 SaaS applications in their environment. In the report, Office 365 comes out as the top business applications followed by Box and G suite. These business-critical SaaS applications hold sensitive and […]

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GDPR – 3 steps to get you started

If you’re in IT security and haven’t heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you may be living under a rock. One of the hottest topics in security today, the European Union (EU) regulation essentially gives people more say over what companies can do with their data, while making data protection rules more or […]

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The Importance of Logs

Across all of the nation-state targeted attacks, insider thefts, and criminal enterprises that CrowdStrike® has investigated, one thing is clear: logs are extremely important. Event logs from individual computers provide information on attacker lateral movement, firewall logs show the first contact of a particular command and control domain, and Active Directory authentication logs build a […]

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What does it take to implement & maintain a DevSecOps approach in the Cloud

Operational and Security Tips, Tricks and Best Practices In Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016: Adaptive Security Architecture, they argued that “Security must be more tightly integrated into the DevOps process to deliver a DevSecOps process that builds in security from the earliest stages of application design.” We ultimately need to move to this […]

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OneLogin Integrates with Sumo Logic for Enhanced Visibility and Threat Detection

OneLogin and Sumo Logic are thrilled to announce our new partnership and technology integration (app coming May 2017) between the two companies. We’re alike in many ways: we’re both cloud-first, our customers include both cloud natives and cloud migrators, and we are laser-focused on helping customers implement the best security with the least amount of […]

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Analyze Azure Network Watcher Flow Logs with Sumo Logic

Azure Network Watcher Azure Network Watcher is a network performance and diagnostic service which enables you to monitor your Azure Network. This service lets you collect “Network Security Group (NSG) Flow Logs”. NSG flows logs have 5-tuple information (source, destination, Traffic Flow, Traffic : Allowed/Denied) about ingress and egress IP traffic that are either blocked […]

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Sumo Logic Delivers Industry’s First Multi-Tenant SaaS Security Analytics Solution with Integrated Threat Intelligence

Integrated Threat Intelligence Providing Visibility into Events that Matter to You! You’ve already invested a great deal in your security infrastructure to prevent, detect, and respond to cybersecurity attacks. Yet you may feel as if you’re still constantly putting out fires and are still uncertain about your current cybersecurity posture. You’re looking for ways to […]

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