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June 30, 2016 By Lavanya Shastri

Sumo Logic Now Monitors and Optimizes MongoDB Deployments

This" class="redactor-autoparser-object"> week I attended MongoDB World in New York and had the opportunity to present on how Sumo Logic helps monitor and optimizes MongoDB deployments through our new Sumo Logic’s App for MongoDB which was announced at the event. The new app provides a deeper, in-depth view into the operational health and performance of MongoDB deployments, and provides the visibility needed to enable the flexibility to monitor, optimize and secure modern applications powered by modern database engines that today’s digital businesses require.

We worked closely with MongoDB to define monitoring use-cases that mattered most MongoDB devs and admins alike. The Sumo Logic App for MongoDB dashboards can:

  1. Help you identify and troubleshoot slow queries
  2. Monitor the health of your MongoDB deployment – whether it consists of only a couple of Mongo instances, or if it’s a complex deployment like replica sets and sharded clusters
  3. Understand the security of your MongoDB deployment and easily evaluate whether a login or connection is legit or an indication that your database is under attack

Thinking Ahead with Monitoring

We had a steady stream of visitors to our booth – many of whom (as expected) were already fairly advanced MongoDB users, looking to get greater visibility into their database performance. However, what surprised me was that we also got quite a few folks, who were on older database technologies such as Oracle and looking to transition to modern database models such as MongoDB. While they are still evaluating MongoDB, they were already thinking about how to monitor and report on database operational activity.

Another common transition story I heard involved change in management, where the incoming team wanted greater visibility into operations and performance, and quickly. It was then up to the existing team to go figure out how to report on their entire application stack performance, and quickly. These stories signal that IT is really struggling with getting a holistic view into the health of their database deployments, so they can better monitor performance, diagnose problems and audit access to identify potential risks.

Next week I’ll be sharing more observations and learnings from MongoDB World so stay tuned! class="at-below-post-recommended addthis_tool">

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