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October 8, 2014 By Sanjay Sarathy

The Three Questions Customers Invariably Ask Us

For almost all DevOps, App Ops and Security teams, finding that needle in the haystack, that indicator of cause, the unseen effect, and finding it quickly is fundamental to their success. Our central mission is to enable the success of these teams via rapid analysis of their machine data. During their process of researching and investigating Sumo Logic, customers invariably ask us three questions:

  • How long will it take to get value from Sumo Logic?
  • Everyone provides analytics – what’s different about yours?
  • How secure is my data in the cloud?

Let’s address each of these questions.

Time to Value

A key benefit we deliver revolves around speed and simplicity: no hardware, storage or deployment overhead. Beyond the fact that we’re SaaS the true value, however, revolves around how quickly we can turn data into actionable information.


First, our cloud-based service integrates quickly into any environment (on-premises, cloud, hybrid) that generates machine data. Because we’re data source agnostic, our service can quickly correlate logs across various systems, leading to new and relevant analyses. For example, one of our engineers has written a post on how we use Sumo Logic internally to track what’s happening with Amazon SES messages and how others can very quickly set this up as well.

Second, value is generated by how quickly you uncover insights. A Vice President of IT at a financial services firm that is now using Sumo Logic shared with us that incidents that used to take him 2 hours to discover and fix now takes him 10 minutes. Why? Because the machine learning that underpins our LogReduce pattern recognition engine surfaces the critical issues that his team can investigate and remediate, without the need to write any rules.

Analytics Unleashed

Sumo Logic was founded on the idea that powerful analytics are critical to making machine data a corporate resource to be valued rather than ignored. Our analytics engine combines the best of machine learning, real-time processing, and pre-built applications to provide rapid value.

Fuze recently implemented Sumo Logic to help gain visibility of its technical infrastructure. They are now able to address incidents and improvements in its infrastructure much more quickly with specific insights. They report saving 40% in management time savings and a 5x improvement in “signal-to-noise” ratio. A critical reason why InsideView chose Sumo Logic was the availability of our applications for AWS Elastic Load Balancing and AWS CloudTrail to help monitor their AWS infrastructure and to get immediate value from our service.

Security In the Cloud

Customers are understandably curious about our security processes, policies and infrastructure that would help them mitigate concerns about sending their data to a 3rd party vendor. Given that our founding roots are in security and that our entire operating model is to securely deliver data insights at scale, we have a deep appreciation for the natural concerns prospects might have.

We’ve crafted a detailed White Paper that outlines how we secure our service, but here are a few noteworthy highlights.

  • Data encryption: we encrypt log data both in motion and at rest and each customer’s unique keys are rotated daily
  • Certifications: we’ve spent significant resources on our current attestations and certifications (e.g., HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2 and others) and are actively adding to this list
  • Security processes: included in this bucket are centrally managed FIPS-140 two-factor authentication devices, biometric controls, whitelists for users, ports, and addresses, and more

Our CISO has discussed the broader principles of managing security in the cloud in an on-demand webinar and of course you can always start investigating our service via Sumo Logic Free to understand for yourself how we answer these three questions.

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