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July 12, 2016 By Michael Floyd

Sumo Dojo Winners - Using Docker, FluentD and Sumo Logic for Deployment Automation

Recently, Sumo Dojo ran a contest in the community see who is analyzing Docker logs with Sumo Logic, and how. The contest ran the month of June and was presented at DockerCon. Last week, the Sumo Dojo selected the winner, Brandon Milsom, from Australia-based company Fugro Roames. Roames uses remote sensing laser (LIDAR) technology to create interactive 3D asset models for powerline networks for energy companies in Australia and the United Kingdom. As Brandon writes: "We use Docker and Sumo Logic as a part of our deployment automation. We use Ansible scripts to automatically deploy our developer’s applications onto Amazon EC2 instances inside Docker containers as part of our cloud infrastructure. These applications are automatically configured to send tagged logs to Sumo Logic using Fluentd, which our developers use to identify their running instances for debugging and troubleshooting. Screenshot 2016-06-20 at 13.14.29 Not only are the application logs sent directly to Sumo Logic, but the Docker container logs are also configured using Docker’s built in Fluentd logging driver. This forwards logs to another Docker container on the same host running a Fluentd server, which then seamlessly ships logs over to Sumo Logic. The result is developers easily access their application and container OS logs that their app is running in just by opening a browser tab." Part of our development has also been trialling drones for asset inspection, and we also have a few drone fanatics in our office. Winning a drone would also be beneficial as it would give us something to shoot at with our Nerf guns, improving office morale. Brandon's coworker, Adrian Howchin also wrote in saying" "I think one of the best things that we've gained from this setup is that it allows us to keep users from connecting (SSH) in to our instances. Given our CD setup, we don't want users connecting in to hosts where their applications are deployed (it's bad practice). However, we had no answer to the question of how they get their application/OS logs." Thanks to SumoLogic (and the Docker logging driver!), we're able to get these logs out to a centralized location, and keep the users out of the instances. renditionDownload Congratulations to Brandon and the team at Fugro Roames. Now you have something cool to shoot at.

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