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Blogs in the AWS Category Find blogs about Amazon Web Services, a cornerstone in the IT infrastructure of many modern businesses. Get up-to-date on AWS news, learn about it's many services, and find out how it integrates with Sumo Logic platform for unparalleled analytics and insights. Browse our AWS blogs, and stay in-the-know.
Docker Logs vs. VM Logs: The Essential Differences

Logging is one of the many ways in which virtual machines fundamentally differ from Docker containers. It’s also an aspect of migrating to Docker that can be easy to overlook—but one that you absolutely need to plan for if you intend to get the most out of Dockerized infrastructure and from Docker logs. In this […]

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How Should We Monitor Docker Now?

“How should we be monitoring our containerized apps, as we move into production?”  With Docker’s capabilities and methods for monitoring and logging evolving so quickly, even experienced Docker admins are revisiting this question. Our Data Collection Engineering team is continuously working to stay aligned with Docker’s capabilities and to improve and simplify our docker integrations. […]

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The Top 5 Reasons to Attend Illuminate

We are nearly three weeks away from our very first user conference Illuminate! The entire team is excited to bring together our customers, partners, practitioners and leaders across IT ops, DevOps and security for hands-on training, certifications, technical sessions and real-world case studies to help attendees get the most out of the Sumo Logic platform. Here’s […]

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Understanding and Analyzing IIS Logs

If you administer web servers—or any kind of Windows server, really—there is a good chance that you work at least occasionally with IIS logs. IIS logs store data from Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft’s website and web application hosting product. Whether you are a seasoned IIS administrator, or just need to learn to work occasionally […]

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Machine Learning and Log Analysis

Log analysis involves large volume of data. Startups can generate a couple of gigabytes of data per day, and the largest web companies like Facebook log many terabytes of log data every day. (Back in 2009, Facebook was already logging a full 25TB daily.) How can you make sense of all that data? If you […]

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Working with Apache Error Log Files

Apache, an open source web server that dates back to the mid-1990s, is one of the oldest web servers still in widespread use today. It remains one of the most popular web server platforms out there (even though NGINX has been slowly eroding its market share for a while). This means that there is a […]

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Terraform and Sumo Logic – Build Monitoring into your Cloud Infrastructure

Are you using Terraform and looking for a way to easily monitor your cloud infrastructure? Whether you’re new to Terraform, or you control all of your cloud infrastructure through Terraform, this post provides a few examples how to integrate Sumo Logic’s monitoring platform into Terraform-scripted cloud infrastructure. Collect Logs and Metrics from your Terraform Infrastructure Sumo Logic’s ability […]

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Use Sumo Logic to Collect Raspberry Pi Logs

Raspberry Pi’s are great little computers for anything from home servers to prototyping of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. As a server, they’re going to be generating data such as who’s accessing the server and security logs. As an IoT device, the sky’s the limit for the type of data it will generate from any number of […]

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