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October 5, 2012 By Praveen Rangnath

We hire Data Scientists... so our customers don't have to

At last week’s DataWeek conference in San Francisco, Stefan Zier, Manager of Sumo Logic’s cloud and infrastructure group, spoke on a panel titled “Analytics-as-a-Service”. During that session, the moderator, Karthik Kannan of VMware, asked if having Data Scientists on staff was a necessity or a luxury. Stefan gave a brilliant answer, stating that at Sumo Logic, we hire data scientists so our customers don’t have to. Read on to see why…

At Sumo Logic, we have built a highly scalable cloud platform to enable organizations to instantly derive operational and business insights from their log and machine data. Log and machine data (for example application logs, Apache logs, VMware logs, server logs, IIS logs, Linux logs, network logs, etc.) are the largest components of Big Data, and one key challenge of Big Data is that it is too large for humans to know what questions to ask of it. Therein comes our Data Scientists, building machine-learning algorithms to instantly deliver insights to customers from terabytes of their log and machine data. In a nutshell, our Data Scientists are taking what is generally seen as their domain (the ability to extract insight from massive amounts of data), and putting it into the hands of all --- business and IT executives, business and data analysts, operations managers, developers, etc.

As a result, executives can make critical IT and business decisions from the freshest set of data, operations managers can monitor their environment in real time, and developers and operations personnel can troubleshoot production applications 90% faster than they were able to previously.

Curious to know more? Check out our website where you can read about our patent-pending LogReduceTM, and see a recent blog post by one of our co-founders and VP of Analytics. Or see for yourself by signing up for Sumo Logic Free, a fully-featured version of our enterprise solution allowing up to 3.5GB to total storage.

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