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Sumo Logic brand guidelines


The goal of this site is to establish the brand system of Sumo Logic - its story, visual identity, voice and brand language -- to drive a consistent brand presence across all target audiences: employees, customers, partners, prospects, candidates, investors and industry influencers. Thanks to all of you for supporting the Sumo Logic Brand, and for your enthusiasm for being a Sumo brand ambassador!

Brand review and questions

We expect our brand system to grow over time as we add more graphical elements, assets, and applications. Therefore, all brand designs created using our brand system will need a review by our Sumo Logic brand team to ensure consistency and compliance. We will strive to deliver a 24-hour-or-less turnaround. Share your asset with us or writing style questions at

Brand Guidelines

Created for designers. Review the guidelines prior to designing on behalf of Sumo Logic.

Download Brand Guidelines

Brand Voice & Writing Style Guide

Created for writers and content owners of branded, written content assets. The writing style is a series of resources to help guide you as you represent the Sumo Logic voice. Included are our brand attributes, tone and voice principles and writing tips.

Download Brand Voice & Writing Style Guide