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The Sumo Logic logo is the most concise and visible representation of our brand. The logo is made up of a customized wordmark and may not be altered in any way. In logo format, Sumo Logic is represented in all lower case. In written format, Sumo Logic should always appear as two words in title case. In order to develop a consistent experience and perception of Sumo Logic, complete adherence to these logo usage guidelines across all applications should be the mandate.

Sumo Logic Brand Guidelines Logo

Color versions

Color and reversed logo

There are two primary versions of the Sumo Logic logo: color and reversed. Always use the color version against a white background. It may also be applied over light background colors when white is not available.

The reversed logo works best when reversed out of the primary Sumo Logic blue as well as darker colors that provide enough contrast. (see color section)

Black logo

Use the black version of the Sumo Logic word mark when reproduction is limited to black and white or if your overall color palette is monochromatic.

Please note: The Sumo Logic logo is either white, black or Sumo blue. See examples below for the correct color application based on type of background.

The only exception if it's being printed on glass or a material where the logo absolutely cannot be white, black or Sumo blue.

Clear space

Clear space, minimum size, registered trademark

Clearspace and minimum size

Follow the specifications below for the required amount of clear space and minimum size to ensure maximum visibility and legibility. The clear space is defined by the height of the “l” in sumo logic.

Clear space

Registered trademark

In most cases, the registered trademark symbol is not included with the logo because it is most commonly used in digital environments. There are several circumstances* that may require the addition of the ®.

*You may opt to use the wordmark with registration symbol in formal applications such as legal documents and / or business systems where the registration symbol notates trademark status.

Registered trademark

Usage examples

File formats

Sumo Logic logos are provided in three color versions and several file formats. All files have been created at sizes common to their media, and should not be altered, recolored, scaled disproportionately, or modified in any way. The chart below details the file formats best suited for each use case.

For print applications, CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and PMS (Pantone Matching System) assets are available in AI and EPS format. For on-screen use, RGB assets come in two file formats. SVG files are vector based, and can be scaled to any size. PNG files have transparent backgrounds and a fixed resolution, which can be scaled down (but not up) in size.

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