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January 24, 2019By Sumo Logic

AIOps and IT Analytics at the Crossroads

The value of AIA insights regarding cloud in all of its dimensions cannot be underestimated. What EMA calls advanced IT analytics (AIA) most directly refers to what most in the industry call AIOps currently, along with IT operations analytics and digital operations. While each of these terms is associated with some precise definitions, they nevertheless often float among other categories, such as big data, AI, and machine learning without clear boundaries in the minds of many in the industry.

The goal of this research was to create a roadmap of what technologies are really in use and and most importantly, to examine the dynamics that separate the most effective AIA deployments from those that struggle due to a variety of reasons, ranging from technology priorities to organizational and process issues. This included evaluating use cases ranging from performance and availability management to change management, to capacity planning and cost management, to end-user experience management, to security and compliance, to support for cloud and DevOps.

The research done in Q3 of 2018 attracted 300 respondents with roughly two-thirds in North America and one-third Europe.

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