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December 19, 2014 By Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic and ServiceNow Integration

End-to-End Event Management for Business Success

Service level agreements, corporate security, compliance adherence, customer satisfaction, profitability and many other parameters of business success and growth are dependent on how well IT teams are able to manage events tied to vital systems. As data sources and volumes grow and infrastructure management becomes more complex, IT is being challenged to become a strategic organization that supports business productivity goals. Most IT teams struggle to streamline event detection and automation that in turn delay resolution and increase business costs. Factors that trigger these inefficiencies include: Disjointed issue remediation platforms lead to excessive back and forth increasing the MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution). Ad-hoc and inconsistent service management approaches result in engaging the wrong team or resources, which further delays resolution. Inability to capture event knowledge hinders current and future remediation. Inefficient change management hinders business productivity and increase costs. To overcome these limitations and the subsequent consequences, IT must invest in solutions that are seamlessly integrated and that enable companies to exceed their service level agreements (SLAs), improve customer satisfaction and meet revenue goals.
"The ability to access Sumo Logic directly from the ServiceNow user interface, and vice versa, makes critical event and change management more efficient. Real-time anomaly detection, automated software integration and knowledge capture for future insights enables organizations to maximize their operational and security effectiveness.” - Sridhar Chandrashekar, VP for Automation and Cloud Infrastructure, ServiceNow
Key Benefits
  • Automate event detection and remediation workflow with cloud–to-cloud integration.
  • Monitor all assets in real-time for anomalous events.
  • Remediate consistently with built-in, bi-directional workflow.
  • Optimize productivity for both IT and end users.
  • Reduce business costs associated with downtime and compliance.

Re-think Event Management

Allowing IT teams to drive closed-loop event management with limited resources rests on successful event detection and resolution. Proactively identifying significant events and potential threats hidden in your log files in real-time is the foundation of effective remediation. The combined power of Sumo Logic and ServiceNow delivers an industry-leading solution that can significantly change the way IT and security teams manage their operations. With the cloud-to-cloud integration between Sumo Logic and ServiceNow, organizations can: Simplify, automate and optimize the event management workflow through the seamless cloud-to-cloud integration. Leverage unique bi-directional workflow for faster time to resolution for current and future events with the ability to capture comprehensive knowledge. Apply consistent service management processes and reduce MTTR, business costs while increasing IT and end user productivity. Drive business success with efficient change management by streamlining new system launches and ensuring critical and revenue generating systems are optimally managed and always operational. To give your organization a competitive edge, a stronger security posture and uninterrupted efficiency, invest in the best-in-class integration and advance overall organization productivity.
"This integration is valuable for Land O'Lakes, Inc. because it unifies event detection, investigation and service management for our security and operations teams. This intuitive, bi-directional workflow will help us improve our SLAs, enhance the customer experience and transform our event management processes.” - Tony Taylor, Director of Technology Services, Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Use Sumo Logic for Free

  • Easy to deploy: Sumo Free enables you to collect and analyze logs in minutes with no hardware or storage to manage
  • Enterprise-level functionality: Sumo Free contains all the features of our enterprise-class solution
  • Perpetual usage: Sumo Free is perpetually free for up to 3 users, and offers the ability to send 500MB of data per day and retain for 7 days (total 3.5GB of data). To send additional data, add more users, or retain data for a longer period of time, easily upgrade to our enterprise version.

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