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“With Sumo Logic, the ability to aggregate, analyze, visualize and create alerts across all of our logs was very impressive and ultimately, why we chose the platform.”

Luke Swanson, CTO

Ibotta Leverages Sumo Logic for Application Monitoring, Quick Investigation, and Comprehensive Security

Ibotta is one of many leading apps that trusts Sumo Logic to help deliver secure services to customers around the world. Ibotta, a mobile app that pays shoppers cash back on everyday purchases, uses Sumo Logic to:

  • Simplify cloud audits
  • Strengthen security posture
  • Get a comprehensive view across AWS network, server, and application stack
  • Analyze traffic patterns and user activity
  • Detect anomalies and proactively identify potential security threats

Ibotta, a cloud-based mobile app that reimagines how customers interact with their favorite brands, was a natural fit for cloud-native Sumo Logic. With Ibotta, customers get a mobile experience that replaces couponing with game-like interactions, allowing shoppers to earn cash-back on purchases made at major retailers. As the company’s retail presence expanded, so did the need for real-time application monitoring and reporting on suspicious and fraudulent activity.

WIth Sumo Logic, Ibotta can now monitor and support the app and underlying infrastructure, increase their competitive advantage, and drive growth.

“Our business is growing at an unprecedented rate and we knew we needed real-time insights into our AWS workloads to improve our security posture and ensure the protection of our customers,” said Luke Swanson, chief technology officer for Ibotta.

“With Sumo Logic, the ability to aggregate, analyze, visualize and create alerts across all of our logs was very impressive and ultimately, why we chose the platform. The greatest advantage we’ve seen is the ability to view all of this data in a single system as this insight is incredibly powerful and enables us to quickly identify and resolve issues.”

Hosted exclusively on AWS, Ibotta uses Sumo Logic to analyze traffic patterns and monitor apps, specifically for its web application firewall. SumoLogic enables the engineering and DevOps teams to quickly create dashboards and then use anomaly detection to identify potential threats in real-time without a manual investigation.

Prior to selecting Sumo Logic, Ibotta did not have a unified log management solution in place, which limited the team’s ability to resolve issues quickly and support rapid business growth. Today the company is using Sumo Logic primarily for security and root cause analysis investigations.

“As the need for continuous application and security intelligence as well as accelerated incident response increases, traditional legacy log and event management tools and monitoring practices are becoming increasingly insufficient,” said Ramin Sayar, president and CEO for Sumo Logic.

Swanson said Sumo Logic’s commitment to security and compliance is a major reason Ibotta chose the log analytics service. As the company standardizes on the platform and finds new use cases over the coming months, they believe Sumo Logic will be able to help them more easily meet industry compliance regulations. Sumo Logic has validated compliance for ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and HIPAA, and has earned a High GDPR Readiness Rating from Netskope.

“Like any organization, security is one of our primary concerns, especially since Ibotta’s users have earned nearly $50 million on our platform,” said Luke Swanson, CTO for Ibotta.

“One of the primary reasons we selected Sumo Logic is that it enables us to not only automate compliance and security monitoring across our entire stack, but the service itself meets all the major privacy and compliance standards to ensure the security and privacy of our data, giving us tremendous trust and confidence in the service.”

Sumo Logic has a rigorous security model with an end-to-end process, which includes best-of-breed technologies and stringent operational processes to ensure that customer data is completely safe at all times. In addition to compliance and certifications, the Sumo Logic platform includes core strategic security technologies including whole-disk encryption, access controls, whitelisting, regular penetration testing, vulnerability scans and strong Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

“It’s critical for rapidly growing digital businesses like Ibotta to enable their DevOps and security teams to have real-time visibility into their application and underlying infrastructure, in order to harness the continuous intelligence needed to identify and resolve potential issues before they impact their customers or business,” said Sayar. “We’re thrilled Ibotta has selected Sumo Logic to help them proactively analyze and monitor their security and strengthen their posture.”

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