Syapse Uses Machine Data and Sumo Logic for Oncology Care Platform



  • San Francisco, California


  • 160 employees

Syapse’s innovative precision medicine solution requires ingesting enormous volumes of disparate information from numerous sources. Loading, organizing, and relating all of this raw data is regularly subject to complications such as interruptions, errors, and discrepancies. These issues often required manual resolution, which routinely distracted software development and operations staff from their primary tasks. As a HIPPA compliant and HITRUST certified company, Syapse needed to have standardized processes and audit capabilities to protect patient data.

The company deployed Sumo Logic’s cloud-native machine data management and analytics platform to continually monitor all information ingestion activities. When problems arose, the operations team was immediately notified so that they could take corrective action and thereby safeguard vital data integrity.

Download this case study to learn more about how Sumo Logic has helped Syapse strengthen its software development process with real-time insights gained through machine data analytics.