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University of Lethbridge

“Now we’re much more proactive, identifying attacks before they become catastrophic. We’re able to see abnormal behavior when it first emerges and take steps to eliminate the risks, rather than waiting for the damage to be done and move forward with recovery efforts.”

Kevin Vadnais, Manager of Information Management and Security



  • Lethbridge, Canada


  • 9,150 employees

The University of Lethbridge leverages Cloud SIEM Enterprise to better secure complex environment

  • Challenge


    Due to the wealth of sensitive information higher education institutions are responsible for, EDUCAUSE named information security as the top IT issue the education sector needs to address. Coupled with evidence that financially-motivated attacks against higher education are on the rise, it’s clear that universities remain a prime target of online criminals and nation state attackers. To ensure it remains secure in the face of these growing threats, the University of Lethbridge set out to strengthen its security posture. The first step? Creating a next-generation security operations center (SOC).

  • Solution


    To address these challenges, the University of Lethbridge implemented the Cloud SIEM Enterprise (CSE) solution. As a cloud-native, advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, CSE allowed the U of L to immediately gain the desired visibility into its data without the need for maintenance of a complex infrastructure. In addition, the open nature of the platform will enable the University to seamlessly integrate its existing security solutions with CSE, further increasing its ability to quickly and efficiently identify interesting events that should be investigated. The University of Lethbridge leverages Cloud SIEM Enterprise to better secure complex environment

  • Results


    By fusing data from security tools and automating the correlation and analysis of threats, the Cloud platform provides actionable information via Sumo Logic Insights that allows the U of L’s security team to be more proactive and get ahead of potential threats.

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