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Blogs in the AWS Category Find blogs about Amazon Web Services, a cornerstone in the IT infrastructure of many modern businesses. Get up-to-date on AWS news, learn about it's many services, and find out how it integrates with Sumo Logic platform for unparalleled analytics and insights. Browse our AWS blogs, and stay in-the-know.
OneLogin Integrates with Sumo Logic for Enhanced Visibility and Threat Detection

OneLogin and Sumo Logic are thrilled to announce our new partnership and technology integration (app coming May 2017) between the two companies. We’re alike in many ways: we’re both cloud-first, our customers include both cloud natives and cloud migrators, and we are laser-focused on helping customers implement the best security with the least amount of […]

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Analyze Azure Network Watcher Flow Logs with Sumo Logic

Azure Network Watcher Azure Network Watcher is a network performance and diagnostic service which enables you to monitor your Azure Network. This service lets you collect “Network Security Group (NSG) Flow Logs”. NSG flows logs have 5-tuple information (source, destination, Traffic Flow, Traffic : Allowed/Denied) about ingress and egress IP traffic that are either blocked […]

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Improving your Security Posture with Trend Micro Deep Security Integration

Enterprises are running their workloads across complex, hybrid infrastructures, and need solutions that provide full-stack, 360-degree visibility to support rapid time to identify and resolve security threats. Trend Micro Deep Security offers seamless integration with Sumo Logic’s data analytics service to enable rich analysis, visualizations and reporting of critical security and system data. This enables […]

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CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark Monitoring with Sumo Logic

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) released version one of the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark in February this year. It’s a fantastic first draft, and represents the minimum security controls that should be implemented in AWS. 4 Sections of the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark Identity and Access Management Logging Monitoring Networking This post focuses on […]

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PCI DSS Moving Security Ahead in 2016

Improved guidance on how organizations can comply with requirement for continuous monitoring and logging is on tap for 2016. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is one of the key components of security compliance, and it’s set to improve in 2016. Among the areas of PCI DSS focus for the new year […]

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Sumo Logic Takes Center Stage at PCI Europe Community Meeting

Back in Aug 19, 2015, we announced that Sumo Logic has joined the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC) as a participating organization, and is also an active member in the “Daily Log Monitoring” Special Interest Group (SIG). The purpose of the SIG and primary reason we joined, is to provide helpful guidance and techniques to organizations […]

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Why Twitter Chose Sumo Logic to Address PCI Compliance

For many businesses, compliance, management and data protection in the cloud have been a major challenge due to the shared responsibility model and automation of public cloud infrastructure. Ensuring consistent security controls across hybrid environments requires new methodologies for security and auditing teams. At the AWS Loft event in San Francisco last night, over 100 […]

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Get ready for PCI, just like we did!

Security is probably top of mind for your enterprise. Companies like Home Depot, Target, Anthem and countless others had painful lessons in 2014, and their security breaches have grown to affect every business in the United States. As if it wasn’t difficult enough keeping tabs on every system in your company, the PCI 3.0 specification went […]

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PCI – So what?

As we release the Sumo Logic App for PCI Compliance, I was reflecting on how tough PCI compliance is. It’s obviously an essential part of any organization’s IT strategy that handles credit cardholder information – but it’s tough – monitoring compliance across all the requirements is a big undertaking. And a mistake can have disastrous […]

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