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Blogs in the AWS Category Find blogs about Amazon Web Services, a cornerstone in the IT infrastructure of many modern businesses. Get up-to-date on AWS news, learn about it's many services, and find out how it integrates with Sumo Logic platform for unparalleled analytics and insights. Browse our AWS blogs, and stay in-the-know.
AWS Well Architected Framework – Security Pillar

When I’m asked, “How should I monitor my Amazon Web Services infrastructure?” or, “What AWS products and features should I be using?”, one of the first topics I focus on is security. The AWS Well Architected Framework‘s Security Pillar defines cloud security best practices with five Design Principles and five focus areas. First, I’ll describe the […]

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AWS Best Practices – How to Achieve a Well Architected Framework

I’m often asked, “How should I monitor my Amazon Web Services infrastructure? What AWS products and features should I be using?” These two questions can be difficult to answer, but with the help of AWS’s top Solutions Architects, you can ask your team a set of key questions to ensure you’ve built AWS best practices into your stack. Amazon Web Service’s […]

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Sumo Logic Launches Ultimate Log Bible Project

Greetings Sumo Logic community members, today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Sumo Logic Log Bible project. ** Put your log expertise to work and win $100! ** Log data contains a wealth of operational and security information, although it’s not always as easy as you’d like to extract it. In an […]

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Benchmarking Microservices for Fun and Profit

Why should I benchmark microservices? The ultimate goal of benchmarking is to better understand the software, and test out the effects of various optimization techniques for microservices. In this blog, we describe our approach to benchmarking microservices here at Sumo Logic. Create a spreadsheet for tracking your benchmarking We found a convenient way to document […]

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