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Sumo Logic is the leading machine data analytics platform for modern applications

Sumo Logic analyzes your machine data - logs and metrics - and provides operations and security insights in real-time.

Get complete visibility into your cloud and hybrid environment so you can make informed, data-driven business decisions

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Break down data silos and increase collaboration and transparency with shareable dashboards, searches, and reports

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Predict anomalies in real-time and uncover root-causes using our patented LogReduce and LogCompare pattern analysis

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Your one-stop shop for all your next-gen awesomeness needs

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We may be cloud-native, but you don’t have to be - we support hybrid and cloud.

Collect all your machine data from anywhere. Seriously. All of it.

Snappy dashboards even when you share them with a hundred work friends.

All of the acronyms that get your CISO excited (PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and more).

No support tickets needed to install content or change your account. Cloud-style.

A single platform for Engineering, Operations, and Security (Collaboration optional).

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“It’s critical that we deliver Commerce Cloud solutions as quickly as possible. Sumo Logic has advanced our software development process, and had a positive impact on our time-to-market.”
Brett Nelson, SaaS Platform Architect, Pitney Bowes
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