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The Sumo Logic collector (the tool responsible for collecting logs) as a daemon set....

Tags: Data Collection
Log4J 2 Appender - Sumo Logic Log4J 2 Appender

A Log4J 2 appender that sends straight to Sumo Logic....

Tags: Java, Logging
Sumo Logic integration for hubot Hubot – Sumo Logic

npm package install for Sumo Logic integration for Hubot...

Sumo Logic aws lambda fctionsun Sumo AWS Lambda Functions

Processes CloudWatch logs generated from your Lambda functions and passes data to the Sumo...

Tags: Logging, Data Collection
aws cloudwatch to sumo logic lambda function Log Reflector for AWS Lambda

Collect CloudWatch log groups and forward then to one centralizing Lambda function, and st...

Tags: cli, Logging, Data Collection
AWS_Lambda_Sumo_Logic_Function AWS Lambda Unzip

A Java Lambda function that can uncompress a zip file, read the files inside and send them...

Tags: Java, tools
Sumo Goodies

Collection of external tools and other Sumo Logic goodies....

Tags: tools
Sumo Logic Python SDK Sumo Logic Python SDK

Python interface to the Sumo Logic REST API. The idea is to make it easier to hit the API ...

Tags: Search
Nodejs Logs to Sumo Logic

A client implementation for Sumologic in node.js....

Tags: Logging

Send Sumo Logic dashboards via email...

Tags: tools, JavaScript
Sumo Logic Community Java Client Library

Library provides a Java client to execute searches on the data collected by the Sumo Logic...

Tags: APIs
.Net Appenders

Collection of appenders for sending data to Sumo Logic...

Tags: Logging, Data Collection
Sumobot Plugin for Slack

Plugin for our Slack bot to automate our change management process....

Tags: tools, DevOps
Fluentd Plugin for Sumo Logic

Open-source data collector that decouples data sources from backend systems for a unified ...

Tags: Ruby, Logging, Data Collection
Chef Cookbook for Sumo Logic

Chef Cookbook for installing and configuring the SumoLogic collector for the Sumo Logic se...

Tags: tools, DevOps, Data Collection
python collector management script Python Collector Management Script

Quickly manage a set of installed collectors: List details, upgrade/downgrade, add a colle...

Tags: Python, Data Collection
Shellbase - scala open source Shellbase

Sumo Logic’s Scala-based interactive shell framework...

Tags: scala
sumoshell CLI sumoshell

Sumoshell is collection of utilities to improve analyzing log files written in Go....

Tags: Search
Sumo Logic collector for Docker Docker Log Collector

Provides several variants of Docker images to run the Sumo Logic Collector. When images ar...

Tags: docker, Logging, Data Collection
Kinesis Connector

Java connector that acts as a pipeline between an [Amazon Kinesis] stream and a [Sumologic...

Tags: Data Collection
Log4j Appender

A Log4J appender that sends straight to Sumo Logic....

Tags: Logging, Data Collection
ScriptAutomate PowerShell Module

MS PowerShell Module of functions running against the Sumo Logic API...

Tags: tools, APIs, Logging, Data Collection
Sumo Control

Ruby client and libraries for interacting with the Sumo Logic service....

Tags: APIs, Search, Logging
sumo logic open source report generator Sumo Report Generator

Tool to download and build Excel workbooks from SumoLogic data....

Tags: tools, Search, Logging
Sumo Search for Ruby

Ruby gem that interfaces with the Sumo Logic Search Job API. It may be used through nativ...

Tags: Search
Collector Management API

Define an initial source configuration using JSON to create, update, and delete collectors...

Tags: APIs, Data Collection

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