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Cloud First Strategy

A Cloud First Strategy For Modern Architecture

A cloud first strategy enables discovery of meaningful patterns in your IT data for faster issue resolution. Being able to quickly detect real-time security, usage, and performance anomalies in your modern applications and IT systems simply means better business.

Sumo Logic provides a cloud-native, log management service that helps you gain full visibility, into your entire environment, within minutes. With Sumo Logic, you can:

  • Eliminate additional archiving, backups, and restores with centralized logging
  • Develop and integrate data sources with lightweight collectors and APIs
  • Collect terabytes of data from any application, server, cloud, sensor, or network device

Our cloud-based advanced analytics platform is powered by machine learning which enables you to immediately:

  • Visualize complex transactional relationships
  • Troubleshoot production issues in real-time
  • Gather application and usage trends and behaviors
  • Parse and index data on intake for real-time analysis

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