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DevOps Software That Unifies Log Data and Metrics

DevOps software is at the forefront of IT movement. The entire idea of DevOps software is centered on being more responsive to user requests and adapting to issues much quicker. Successful releases count on rapidly diagnosing application issues hidden in machine data. Uncovering patterns and anomalies are vital.

Continuous delivery, integration, and automated testing have improved the quality of DevOps software. But clean code won't guarantee software behaves. Unforeseen conditions or faulty algorithms must be accounted for. Traditional legacy tools are inadequate for managing modern applications because they:

  • Can’t keep pace with the velocity, variety, or volume of machine data
  • Cannot provide the enough context for rapid root cause analysis
  • Are not scalable or elastic enough to meet modern application demands.

Sumo Logic is powered by machine learning algorithms. We remove the barriers traditional application tools create. We provide real-time continuous intelligence into your business, customers, and operations. By unifying your log data and time-series metrics you will uncover real-time insights into applications. Our machine learning platform provides:

  • A single platform for DevOps, LoB , InfoSec, and TechOps teams
  • Universal access data relevant to functional needs
  • Shared, real-time KPIs, and log metrics – improving Cross-functional collaboration
  • identification of service level degradations within underlying infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot modern applications in production and development environments with full visibility across your application stack

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