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How to Use Docker Container Logs for Security

With the container revolution, it is almost too easy to set up large application environments running hundreds of containerized applications through the click of button. Conversely, it is very complex to set up the proper security controls in an environment where there are so many moving parts. In this new model, how do you create a Docker security ecosystem?

What is needed is a way to provide visibility to the application inside the container, its users and its potential vulnerabilities. Sumo Logic and Scalock provide a comprehensive security solution for virtual containers (e.g.Docker), adding visibility and control to large environments.

The Sumo Logic and Scalock integration provides three essential layers of protection for container environments:

  1. Container X-Scan: allows the user to gain visibility to the application packaged inside the container and its security vulnerabilities. Prevents usage of un-safe containers.
  2. Container X-Walls: a solid shield around containers, preventing unauthorized access to the container’s resources, wherever they are deployed.
  3. Container Security Monitoring: low-level security monitoring that is independent from the underlying OS; its correlation engine allows the user to gain security insights for container activity, e.g. showing the real user behind operations done inside container.

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