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Log Solution

Log Solution

Are you 100% aware of threats and vulnerabilities in your environment? In order to maintain your reputation and user base, it's vital to have visibility into all activity in your infrastructure that could represent a security breach.

Security Log Management Solution Checklist

When selecting a log management solution, you should consider the following:

  1. Centralization: Can you easily extract log files and store them centrally for analysis?
  2. Security of your security tool: Is it ISO certified? HIPAA? PCI?
  3. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Do you need to provision for the high water mark or is it consumption based? What is the set-up and ongoing maintenance?
  4. Analytics: Can you identify and troubleshoot suspicious activity quickly? Detect outliers? How easy is it to iteratively search? Apply predictive analytics?
  5. Real time: What is the latency in your system? Can you live tail logs? Are you notified in near-real time?
  6. Visualization: Do your reports allow you to grasp the issue and resolve it?
  7. Storage Duration: Does it meet your statutory requirements? For example, PCI DSS Requirement 10 requires 12 months log storage.

Fortunately, with a security log management solution in place you can get insight into:

  • Firewall activity
  • Login activity and origin (failed and successful logins)
  • Intrusion activity
  • Suspicious user activity
  • DDOS attacks

Sumo Logic for Security Log Management Solution

Sumo Logic is a cloud native service that enables you to manage your logs and ensure a strong security posture. Sumo Logic is:

  • Offering a lower TCO due to consumption-based pricing and multi-tenancy
  • Developed for the cloud
  • Ready to get started immediately
  • Powered with rich analytics for search, reporting, dashboards, and alerting
  • Secure with ISO, PCI, HIPAA and other security attestations

Sumo Logic allows you to view all logs across your entire stack including:

  • Operating Systems
  • Network Appliances (Firewall, Routers, etc)
  • Cloud Audit
  • Application Logs
  • Middleware and Open Source

With Sumo Logic, discover meaningful patterns in your IT data and detect performance, usage, and security anomalies. You'll be up and running in minutes with an advanced analytics platform powered by machine learning for faster issue resolution in your modern applications and IT systems. Download it here and get started now.

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