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Real-Time Application Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Real-Time application monitoring and troubleshooting enables companies with a modern architecture to move from reactive to proactive. Sumo Logic is the industry’s only machine data analytics platform powered by machine learning. Enabling you to transform logs and metrics into continuous intelligence in order to manage modern applications.

Today's Challenges

Building, running, and securing applications requires a new orientation. Tools for monitoring and analytics were not designed for effectively managing today’s cloud applications.

Siloed Tools. Traditional enterprise tools, whether in the cloud or on-prem, can’t keep pace with the velocity, volume, and variety of machine data that comes from modern applications.

Lack of Context. Context necessary for rapid root cause analysis, like comprehending the “why” of an individual CPU spike, cannot be provided from time series metrics alone. And, context using another tool, to address the gap, slows everything down.

Complex Modern Architectures. Many tools lack the scalability and elasticity to meet modern application demands. New applications architectures require new monitoring approaches.

How Sumo Can Help

Sumo Logic clears the barriers that traditional application management tools create. Our advanced analytics platform, powered by machine learning algorithms, unifies logs and time series metrics data. Providing continuous intelligence in real-time into your business, operations, and customers.

Move From Incidents To Insights

Troubleshoot quickly. Isolate the problematic application server, container and even a single line of code.

Decrease mean time to identification and repair. (MTTI & MTTR). Analyze all the machine data in your logs – uncover patterns regardless of volume, velocity, or variety of data.

Stop monitoring silos. Aggregate all your application and IT infrastructure data.

Use machine learning. Proactively surface potential issues and identify problems before they impact your customers.

Gain full-stack visibility of cloud applications. There's no credit card required because we know you need to get started right away.

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